Massage of the testicles how to correctly massage the male genital organs with a tongue to increase potency


Massage of the testicles: how to correctly massage the male genital organs to increase potency Why do we need Erectile dysfunction for sale massage of the testicles for men, how to massage the scrotum correctly, penis with the tongue to increase potency.

How to make a man massage the testicles

Eastern methods of prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction are widespread in modern society.

Testicular massage – a unique technique that came to us from the Middle Kingdom, is an easy-to-use and affordable means for improving potency. In addition to the therapeutic effect, a manual effect on the testicles is capable of delivering an incomparable pleasure to the partner.

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  • General information
  • The effectiveness of the procedure
  • Useful video: about testicular massage
  • Massage techniques of the testicles and scrotum
    • Universal technology
    • Self-massage technique
    • Massage with partner
  • Useful video: Daoist massage of the testicles
  • General recommendations, contraindications
  • Useful video: Taoist massage of the penis and testicles. Increase potency and erection!
  • Conclusion

General information


  • poor quality of sperm, infertility;
  • lack of erection or lack thereof against the background of a satisfactory state of health;
  • too fast ejaculation;
  • predisposition to infectious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • decrease in sexual activity.

A common cause of reduced potency is low testosterone levels. Proper massage of male eggs stimulates the production of sex hormones.

It is important to know! Massage of the penis and testicles plays an important role in the early diagnosis of cancer and benign tumors.


Stagnation and malfunction of the male genital glands can occur due to a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol abuse, smoking. In the presence of factors predisposing to impotence, it is recommended to massage the testicles for prophylactic purposes.

The effectiveness of the procedure

The positive effect of the procedure is achieved by improving the capillary blood supply. Blood flow to the pelvic organs normalizes spermatogenesis, prevents the development of inflammatory processes.

After several sessions of home massage of the testicles to increase potency, men note the appearance of confidence in bed, an increase in the duration of sexual acts and brighter sensations at the time of culmination.

The effectiveness of treatment of male infertility with the use of massaging the scrotum due to increased microcirculation of blood flow in the inguinal region.


The sex glands begin to produce more seminal fluid, increased viability and sperm concentration.

For married couples who practice massage of the testicles for men, regular procedures help not only Sleep well and be healthy to avoid problems with conception, but also to significantly diversify intimate life.

Useful video: about testicular massage



Massage techniques of the testicles and scrotum


Universal technology

Simple and effective technique. Suitable for self-massage or can be used as a sexual foreplay.

The technique consists of a set of simple manipulations:

  1. To clasp the scrotum at the base, folding the fingers so as to make a ring.
  2. Move your fingers with gentle stroking movements, going down from the base.
  3. Lightly pull off the skin of the scrotum, pre-clasping her thumbs. Care should be taken without causing discomfort. If the technique is performed in accordance with the instructions, the man will feel sexual arousal already at the stage of skin pulling down.
  4. Fix the scrotum between the palms and smoothly move to rotational movements.
  5. Complete the procedure with light strokes from top to bottom.


If you experience pain in the groin, it is better to interrupt the testicular massage, and continue treatment only after approval of the doctor.

Self-massage technique

Independently massage the testicles daily after taking a relaxing bath. After the preparatory activities, you can proceed directly to the testicular massage:

  1. Holding the penis with one hand, pushing it aside, grasp the base of the scrotum with the fingers of your free hand, slightly pull off the skin bag, gently flexing the eggs.
  2. To stimulate blood circulation, lightly tapping the fingertips to walk along the surface of the scrotum from the bottom to the bottom.
  3. Knead each testicle in turn, controlling the intensity of pressure. You can not rotate the testicles inside the scrotum, such actions will lead to the twisting of the spermatic cord.


Increase the degree of pressure and the intensity of kneading should be gradually with each subsequent session, and only if the manipulation does not cause pain.

Massage with partner

It is much more pleasant when therapeutic measures for the restoration of potency are an integral part of foreplay. Erotic massage of the penis and testicles awakens the desire of both partners, and moments of intimate intimacy are filled with new bright impressions.

It should start with light strokes of the scrotum, directing the movement of the fingers from top to bottom simultaneously with the stimulation of the penis. A man's arousal increases when a woman massages the testicles and caresses the head of the penis with her mouth, helping herself with her tongue.

It is important to closely monitor the reaction of men. If manipulation of the scrotum causes discomfort in the partner, it is worth reducing the intensity of massaging or stop the procedure altogether.

There are more complex techniques: Japanese, Taoist, Thai. Each technique has its own characteristics and advantages, but to improve potency at home it is sufficient to follow the general principles of massage of the male genitalia.

Useful video: Daoist massage of the testicles


Of male

General recommendations, contraindications


  • At the preparatory stage it is necessary to slightly steam the scrotum. For this fit a hot bath, shower or terry towel soaked in hot water.
  • Before you start massaging the testicles, you should warm your palms well. All manipulations are done with clean, warm hands.
  • Do not exceed the recommended manual exposure time. Each testicle is given approximately 2 minutes. The total duration of manipulation is 5-6 minutes.
  • To achieve a sustainable result, the procedure is carried out regularly at the same time. According to the reviews of men, the evening massage is more comfortable tolerated than the morning one.
  • When performing any massage techniques, you should avoid sudden movements and excessive pressure. Failure to observe the precautions may result in undesirable injuries and a twisting of the spermatic cord.
  • The massage is conducive to strengthening the relationship of trust in couples, but if the partner massages the genitals of the man, she should listen carefully to his feelings and act delicately.
  • Feelings of heaviness in the scrotum, slight swelling and descent of the testicles after a session are indicators of the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Moderate signs of discomfort during the first sessions are the norm. In case of acute pain, qualified medical assistance is required.


Considered before starting therapy

As a preventive measure, 2-3 sessions per week are sufficient.

Despite the high rates of effectiveness, the technique has a number of contraindications that should be considered before starting therapy:

  • infectious diseases of the pelvic organs in the acute stage;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • inflammation of the prostate;
  • acute cystitis;
  • cancer of the genitals;
  • varicocele 2, 3 degrees.

Remember! Good results will be achieved by strictly following the instructions, if you chaotically "knead the eggs," you can harm health.

The testicles and

Useful video: Taoist massage of the penis and testicles. Increase potency and erection!



Even in the absence of visible contraindications, you must first consult with your doctor. The specialist will select the best treatment option and give recommendations regarding the technique of the massage.

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